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Awesome Skryim Elder Scrolls TShirt

Awesome Skryim Elder Scrolls Tshirt! “Arrow in the knee” Tshirt for Skryim Elder Scrolls.   If you’re a Skyrim Fan (Elder Scrolls 5: Skryim) you need to show your inner geek on the outside with this killer customized Skyrim T-shirt! Seriously, this Skryim TShirt is freaking’ sweet.   The design reads: “I used to be […]

Skryim – an impressive introduction (3 videos)

The Ellder Scrolls V:  Skryim Direct from The producers of Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios, these videos are a great demonstration and overview of the game. Since Skyrim is such a huge game, with a gigantic map, the video can’t show you everything.  But you’ll get one heck of a great sense of how awesome this […]

Checking out Skyrim (Elder Scrolls)

Skryim looks like one killer game. Watching the commercials and trailers for it shows that it’s one very well produced game. I just rented it to see if I’d like it. So far – it seems like a massive departure from the simple “just go out and shoot guys” type of games like Modern Warfare […]

Skyrim a complete video introduction before you buy

During my review of Skryim The Elder Scrolls I realized that I need to learn a bit more about this game from someone who has a bit more experience with this whole “story”. As I mention in my “initial review / non review of Skyrim”, I don’t have a ton of experience playing these types […]