During my review of Skryim The Elder Scrolls I realized that I need to learn a bit more about this game from someone who has a bit more experience with this whole “story”.

As I mention in my “initial review / non review of Skyrim”, I don’t have a ton of experience playing these types of story-based games.  I’m more accustom to simple, straight up shoot & kill games like Call of Duty or Modern Warfare, or stupid, mindless games like Mario Brothers.  (Over simplification, of course.  But you should get my point.)

Since I have walked into this game with no prior experience, understanding or research of any sort — I started playing this game “blind”.

I feel like I could use some background and a perspective from a gamer who understands this game genre better than me.

So, I have turned to youtube!

Below, I have shared the video that I’m watching to get some background before I continue playing.