These are my favorite online games.

Don’t consider these games a waste of time.  Think of playing these online video games as your chance to free yourself from your troubles, or letting your parents assume you’re doing your homework.

I have a bunch of free online video games that I love — and below, I’m sharing my secret favorites with you!

In the near future, I’ll share a few selected premium online video games that I recommend.

Don’t fall off the edge!  (Sounds easier than it is.)  In this addicting game (my current favorite!), you are simply a brick trying to get to the end without falling off the edge.

Is this game named appropriately?  You be the judge.  All you do is go through multiple levels trying to dodge moving balls, while trying to eat or take other random balls.

Try dodging the falling spikes by throwing your ragdoll up and down, or left and right.  (Maybe this game was produced by a doll hater?  Who knows.  It’s still fun.)

This is a fun game where you can hurt your “buddy” with things by attacking him with a missile, or having him explode on command.

In this game, you are a cannon — your mission is to kill everyone without the enemies shooting you.  If they shoot you enough, you explode.  (Ouch.)

You:  An assassin who’s paid to kill anyone you are told to kill.  But don’t kill the wrong person – or it’s “level failed” for you.

Wanna be a paper air plane?  (What kid doesn’t dream of it?)  Well, in this game you are.  Fly well, and level up.

This may sound gross, but in this game, you race down hills in — get this:  A TOILET.  You gain speed as you descend and lose speed as you are catapulted through the air toward the next level.

Sounds simple:  All you do is just try to match the patterns.  But, can you do it?

You play as a man in various wars, advancing from era to era.