angry video game kidVideo Games are supposed to be fun.

We’ve all seen them:  The kids who take video games too seriously, or are obsessed with violent video games, or are otherwise simply unhealthy video gamers.

First – that’s not me.

Yes, I love video games.

Yes, I play whenever I can.

But no:

  • I do not obsess over video games.
  • You’ll never see me playing a violent video game screaming “DIE DIE DIE!” with a crazy-eyed psychotic look on my face.
  • I don’t freak out when I lose.
  • I don’t yell at the game when I miss a new level by one minor task.

In summary:  I am NOT an angry video game kid.

Sure, I may argue a bit when I’m told “turn off the Xbox (or iPod Touch, or Android phone)” — but that’s my job as a kid.  Some negotiations are expected, aren’t they?

But, when I see crazy kids playing video games, like the obnoxious character on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, or other such depictions, I think that gives us “normal” video game fans a bad name!

For your entertainment, I found some funny videos of crazy kids who respond very inappropriately to their video games.