Awesome Skryim Elder Scrolls Tshirt!

This Skryim Tshirt design is available on different T-shirts for Men, Women and Kids. (Some Tshirts come in different colors)

“Arrow in the knee” Tshirt for Skryim Elder Scrolls.


If you’re a Skyrim Fan (Elder Scrolls 5: Skryim) you need to show your inner geek on the outside with this killer customized Skyrim T-shirt!

Seriously, this Skryim TShirt is freaking’ sweet.


The design reads: “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee”.

True Skryim fans will understand this kick ass T-shirt.

Non Skyrim fans will have no clue. You can laugh heartily at their ignorance as you proudly wear your Skryim Tshirt.

Enough about this Tshirt – you know you want it. (Send us pics when you put it on!)

This Skryim Tshirt comes in a few great designs for Men (6 designs), Women (4 designs) and Kids (1 design).


There’s a Basic Dark Tshirt (get it as low as $23.95). It comes in 4 different colors and looks great in any one. (I think I prefer the black. It’s sliming, and I can use the help.)

There’s a Ladies Long Sleeve Skryim shirt (as low as $23.95)

For the more fashion-concious Skryim gamer woman, there’s a really nice Skryim “Ladies Destroyed T-shirt” design, that is $30.95

Basic Long Sleeve – only $22.95

This entire selection of Skryim Tshirts is custom made at Zazzle.


And, as with all Zazzle stuff – you can customize it as you wish, with images or text.

Take a look!

Man Skryim Tshirts "Arrow in the Knee" Design.

Women's SkryimKid's Skryim Tshirt "arrow in the knee" design

Kid's Skryim Tshirt "arrow in the knee" design