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Awesome Skryim Elder Scrolls TShirt

Awesome Skryim Elder Scrolls Tshirt!

This Skryim Tshirt design is available on different T-shirts for Men, Women and Kids. (Some Tshirts come in different colors)

“Arrow in the knee” Tshirt for Skryim Elder Scrolls.


If you’re a Skyrim Fan (Elder Scrolls 5: Skryim) you need to show your inner geek on the outside with this killer customized Skyrim T-shirt!

Seriously, this Skryim TShirt is freaking’ sweet.


The design reads: “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee”.

True Skryim fans will understand this kick ass T-shirt.

Non Skyrim fans will have no clue. You can laugh heartily at their ignorance as you proudly wear your Skryim Tshirt.

Enough about this Tshirt – you know you want it. (Send us pics when you put it on!)

This Skryim Tshirt comes in a few great designs for Men (6 designs), Women (4 designs) and Kids (1 design).


There’s a Basic Dark Tshirt (get it as low as $23.95). It comes in 4 different colors and looks great in any one. (I think I prefer the black. It’s sliming, and I can use the help.)

There’s a Ladies Long Sleeve Skryim shirt (as low as $23.95)

For the more fashion-concious Skryim gamer woman, there’s a really nice Skryim “Ladies Destroyed T-shirt” design, that is $30.95

Basic Long Sleeve – only $22.95

This entire selection of Skryim Tshirts is custom made at Zazzle.


And, as with all Zazzle stuff – you can customize it as you wish, with images or text.

Take a look!

Man Skryim Tshirts "Arrow in the Knee" Design.

Women's SkryimKid's Skryim Tshirt "arrow in the knee" design

Kid's Skryim Tshirt "arrow in the knee" design


How to find the Amulet of Arkay in Skyrim

How do I find Andur’s Amulet of Arkay in Skyrim?

This quest has boggled me for a couple of hours.  I thought it would be really easy, so I took the quest.

This is a miscellaneous quest in Skryim Elder Scrolls.  And again – it looks easy.

The goal:  Recover Andur’s Amulet of Arkay in Whiterun Catacombs.

That’s it.  Just recover the amulet of arkay, and return it to Andur.

But – when you get into the catacombs, it’s quite hard to find!  (It’s not sticking out anywhere; it’s not obvious.)  I passed it up a hundred times.

So, if you’re on this quest, and trying to recover Andur’s Amulet of Arkay and you want to know “How do I find the Amulet of Arkay?” – just watch this video to help!



Skryim – an impressive introduction (3 videos)

The Ellder Scrolls V:  Skryim

Direct from The producers of Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios, these videos are a great demonstration and overview of the game.

Since Skyrim is such a huge game, with a gigantic map, the video can’t show you everything.  But you’ll get one heck of a great sense of how awesome this game looks.

In this video, he discusses all the factors that they took into account when creating this impressive video game.  You learn how they redesigned everything to make this game bigger and better than their previous games of Elder Scrolls.

Got time?  Watch My Other Videos of Skyrim GamePlay.

In my earlier post, I compiled a playlist of over 30 videos of a video game expert playing Skryim, called “Let’s Play Skryim“.  There are over 30+ hours of video game play in those videos.

Or, Spend your time wisely with these videos.

The 3 videos below provides a much more time-efficient experience.  So, if you want to see what Skryim is, how it’s played, and see what it looks like (without having to buy it first) – watch these videos.

Their big motto for Skryim is “you are who you play”.

This video is presented by the game director, Todd Howard.  It’s a great introduction to Skryim and gives you a great overview of what this video game is all about, how it works and more.

I gotta say, the graphics presented in this video overview of skyrim are amazing.

You know how sometimes the video game trailer has a production value close to a motion picture?  And, you know the disappointment you experience when the video game itself plays nothing like the trailer?

Well – skyrim is not one of those games!

The graphics of this game are killer.  When you’re running through this enormous world, the people, the landscape, and all the details are beyond impressive.

Just watch this video and you’ll see what I man.

This is the Eldoer Scrolls V:  Skryim – Demo video part 1 of 3.

This is Eleder Scrolls V: Skryim – Demo Part 2 of 3.

This is Elder Scrolls V:  Skryim – Demo part 3 of 3.

Video Description:

Game Director Todd Howard guides viewers through the Skyrim demo shown behind closed doors at E3 and most recently to fans at QuakeCon and PAX Prime.

ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.