Video Game Holiday Gift Guide 2011

I must admit that I prefer the rated M and rated T games.  I guess I’m at the age where I enjoy the gore and violence!   Since I’m 11 years old, I am not allowed to purchase them myself – but between you and me, I LOVE Playing them!

I have listed my suggested Best Video Games to Buy for 2011 Holidays below, and categorized them by rating.

If the video game player on your Holiday Gift List is old enough, I highly suggest you consider the Rated M or Rated T games!  However, there are some great family-friendly titles listed here as well.


Modern Warfare 3

Of course I had to put this on here!

The quality of this game is continually improving as each new edition is released! (And, based on the record sales – you know it has to be good.)

It’s just determined to catch everyone’s attention! Its so awesome! And the multipayer maps are the best multiplayer maps you will EVER see!


Mass Effect

This game is sweet!  (The hardest part about writing about Mass Effect is putting the controller down to write)

Sorry about the delay for the gift guide, but I was playing this game and couldn’t find the time to stop!


Postal 2

This game is crazy-fun, and rated one the most violent video games. Well, when my friend got this game, he could only cut off peoples heads! It wasnt even as violent as other games he and I have seen before! Then, when he got the mod, he got to completely mutilate them. He could inject toxins into them, too!


Silent Hill Homecoming

This game has been banned from many countries for drilling into bodies! That’s why I love it! I just love games banned from other countries. They are just dreams come true, huh?

Well, back to the game its self. Very addictive and disturbing. Its rated M for a reason! If it sounds like a great game (which it is), you should buy it in the link up there. See it? It says ” Silent Hill”


Left 4 Dead 2

Throughout the whole game, you will keep telling yourself how amazing it is.

In the game, you and up to three other survivors must battle a zombie apocalypse with a simple goal; you aren’t trying to eradicate the undead horde, you’re just trying to survive. However, Left 4 Dead is also a completely different kind of game, and it feels as much of an experiment as it does an amazing gameplay experience. In each of the game’s four scenarios, you must battle your way to a series of safe houses that lead to a rescue point. You can have up to four players in a game.


Battlefield 3

Whether you’re playing the intense campaign or spending countless hours on multiplayer, Battlefield 3 is an amazing game worth any price you are willing to pay! (or the price the store is selling the game for!) Well, I only rented it, but the reason I only rented it, was because my dad wasnt sure we would like it much. Completely proved him wrong! If you want to learn more, just buy it from the link



SAW the Video Game

So, will you die to live? That’s the question you are asked throughout the game, where you sometimes nearly kill yourself in order to survive. If you have seen the movies, in the beginning, you will get it right away. First you try escaping the reverse bear trap (Amandas trap). Well, that’s the first part.



Dead Space

You play as Issac Clarke, going through hard tasks that may  seem impossible to you thanks to the Necromorphs, huge monsters on board with you. Well, thats all you have to know about it. If you want to know more about it, the play the game.


Black Ops

Without giving too much away, the storyline starts you in, what can only be described as, a torture chamber. You’re tied up to a chair in the center of a dark room with needles and monitors surrounding you. The only source of light is coming from an observation deck above you where a dark figure commands you to answer his various questions regarding certain operations you took part in. If you refuse to answer you’re tortured until you decide otherwise. Well, now lets talk about the campaign. All-in-all the campaign is mostly great. The best way I can put it is you’ll love it, but you will NEED a break most of the time.

Grand Theft Auto

Criminals are an ugly, cowardly lot more worthy of pity and disdain than admiration. Oh yeah, and they are everywhere. Oh sure, you’ll blow up cop cars, run down innocent civilians, assist drug dealers and lowlifes and do many, many other bad deeds, but, well, I actualy cant say anything bad about this game. Its awesome!



Batman Arkham City

Only Batman himself could be more intimidating than this imposing action-packed adventure! Your entire gaming life could’ve been leading up to this moment. The game is very intense here, then your just walking around looking for your enemy there! Perfectly set.
Tony Hawks American Wasteland

At any rate, the main drive behind the game is your relationship with a group of local LA skaters, its leader (who happens to be a skating legend), and their running ground called Skate Ranch. Much of the game’s goals revolve around either directly helping this group of characters in some way or earning pieces for Skate Ranch. When you first arrive at the ranch, it looks something like a rundown skatepark built on a landfill. A fair bit of the game’s main story goals revolve around collecting various objects, big and small, from the sections of LA in order to outfit Skate Ranch. Well, there you have it. The best Tony Hawk game so far! I think its a great game addition to all the other Tony Hawk games! ~

Guitar Hero

Music games have a tendency to be great fun for parties and such, but very few of them have ever struck that certain primal chord deep inside all of us. If your wondering what that primal chord is, thats because you have never played this game. This game is amazing! I have been playing this game since second grade! It is hard the first time you play, and when you get the hang of it, the whole game will fall right into place!


It is pretty much the same as Guitar Hero, but with more instruments! It has a guitar (the ONLY instrument you can play in Guitar  Hero), a microphone, and a drum set. Its a great Christmas/birthday present! When I got it for my 7th birthday, I was in awe! A great gift for any child


WWE SMACKDOWN! vs RAW is a great way to get out your anger! When ever you feel like pounding on someones face, just pound in your least favorite wrestlers face instead! Its amazing what video games can do to help your mind!


NEW! Super Mario Bros

SO fun for wii and dsi! I guess its kind of annoying sometimes, but come on, who can hate mario? Its amazing for a remake of an old game! Only some games can be better the original classic, but this game is cappable of just that! ~

Little Big Planet

Uh, well, Ive never actually played this game before, but from all the good ratings on it Ive seen, hell yeah its good!

Mario Kart

Oh look! Im in first place! Wait, no. Dang it. . . Thats your inner mario talking! Its a difficult racing/platform game that I LOVE for wii!

Wii Sports Resort

Cool. Impressive. Like no other! Just three sentences, and you have that whole game! If you are buying this for your child (or other kid you know) they will love it! Its almost as if when they are playing one of the activities, they are oblivious to anything else in the human world! And, its the gift that keeps on giving! Because when they forget about it and stop playing it, just re-wrap it for next year, and they will start playing like the first day they got it! I know it worked on my little sister!

Mario Galaxy

Well, its very unique. It’s actually pretty weird. If you think I am trying to make it so you think you might like it without streching the truth to much, thats not at all what I am doing! I actualy like it alot!

Have you ever played one of those games where at the begining, you dont like it at all and think your going to hate it, but then when you finish, you’re like, “why isnt there more?!?!” Well, thats this game!

I first thought I was going to hate it, but then when I finished I wanted more! Well, there you have it.