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Left 4 Dead – My Review

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Overall Rating
Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)

I played Left4Dead and was very impressed!

Left 4 Dead

My Rating:  4 / 5

Summary:  This game is freakin’ awesome.  It will make you scream, just for the fun of it.  And, you may become desensitized to violence against zombies.

My Review of Left 4 Dead

Wow, this game is amazing!

I just played the campaign.  When I first started, I was with 3 other survivors, and we all had guns.

We were in a room.

I knew which way I should start walking, but as the 11 year old I am, I just waited.

…And waited.

Cause, I wanted to see what would happen.

I wanted to see some zombies that I hadn’t seen before.  I wanted to see an angry group of the undead racing toward me.  I wanted to see….. the horde!  (If you don’t know what I mean by “the horde”, it’s a huge angry mob of bloodthirsty zombies!)

Then, after waiting too much I guess, a Boomer appeared!  That was a big first for me!

And in one disgusting splashing moment — It then exploded all over me! Within seconds, a horde appeared and I was surrounded by nasty zombies attacking me and my animated team.

Thankfully, one of my crew gave me a health pack and saved my life as I was killing the last zombie.

It was awesome, but I almost died.

Pretty much, all I’m trying to say is, KEEP MOVING!

If you like zombies and heart stopping action, BUY IT!

But if you’re a kid who would rather stay home and play brain games, you’re not ready for the action. Way to intense for you!

Oh, and by the way, NEVER disturb the Witch.  She will attack.  She looks harmless, but she’s almost as hard to kill as a Tank.

Another tip:  When you kill a Boomer, push him back and then shoot it because if you don’t, it will explode all over you and attract the horde!


A lesson in Zombies — the enemy in Left 4 Dead.

The Horde is hungry

The Horde

The Horde is a huge group of zombies that can come when you just stand around, shoots a car and trigger an alarm, or from boomer vomit!



Left4Dead - the Witch

Don't let the Witch fool you

The Witch

The Witch is a zombie that wants nothing but her beauty sleep (but she isn’t beautiful), and to stay away from lights. And her least favorite thing to happen is to get shot at!



Left4Dead Review- The Boomer

Nasty! Boomer bile attracts the Horde!

The Boomer

The Boomer is a zombie that will vomit on you and attract the horde, or if you shoot it and you are to close to it, you get vomit exploded on you.



Left4Dead Review - the Hunter

The Hunter Prowls

The Hunter

The Hunter will just seem to appear out of the blue, but actually, he has probably been watching you for a while now, wondering when he should strike!


Left 4 Dead Review - The Smoker

Beware the long tongue of the Smoker!

The Smoker

This guy has a HUGE tongue! He will just grab you with it and have you dead in seconds.



Left 4 Dead Review - The Tank

Big, Bad - and hard to kill!

The Tank

The Tank just is this HUGE monster that can throw cars and will kill zombies trying to find you. And KILL you!






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Modern Warfare – Deals on this awesome game!

I’ve been a big fan of Call of Duty ever since I got my Xbox and Call of Duty as a great kid Christmas Gift 2010.

Now, I’m enjoying the new Modern Warfare game — and want to be sure to share the deals that are available online right now!

Modern Warfare is available on:

  • Xbox 360
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  • Nintendo WII

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Xbox Deals

Xbox DealsLooking for good deals on the XBox 360 Console – with or without Kinect?  Need a basic (4G) system, or the bigger (250G) system?  (I suggest you go for the bigger hard drive – my 4 gig hard drive filled up fast.


Don’t be an angry video game kid

angry video game kidVideo Games are supposed to be fun.

We’ve all seen them:  The kids who take video games too seriously, or are obsessed with violent video games, or are otherwise simply unhealthy video gamers.

First – that’s not me.

Yes, I love video games.

Yes, I play whenever I can.

But no:

  • I do not obsess over video games.
  • You’ll never see me playing a violent video game screaming “DIE DIE DIE!” with a crazy-eyed psychotic look on my face.
  • I don’t freak out when I lose.
  • I don’t yell at the game when I miss a new level by one minor task.

In summary:  I am NOT an angry video game kid.

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The best free online games for kids

I just made a list of my favorite online FREE games.  I may be 11 years old, but I’m a kid who knows how to choose good video games to play on the web.

…and, I like to play free games!

Whether you want to play a game where you’re a paper airplane, an assassin, or a brick — I’ve got ya covered in my favorite ways to waste time online.

Oh — and another thing.  You may think this sounds gross, but there’s a really cool free game online where you ride in a toilet.  Yes, a toilet.

Ever have a buddy that you would never hurt in real life, but he kinda deserves some form of pain?  Well, I gotta say, I’m enjoying taking out my fake aggression on a fictitious “buddy” in one of the games.

Okay, enough cloak and dagger — the big reveal is found on my new Best List of Free Online Games for Kids!

What free games do you like to play online?

What are your favorite free game websites?


Confessions of an Angry Birds Addict

How can the act of slinging various animated birds toward animated pigs be the basis of a game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm?

How can that same game be the one that I play almost every free moment I can find?

Angry Birds.

It’s my addiction.

I confess – I play Angry Birds a lot. (And I mean A L-O-T.)

When I’m riding in the car.  Angry Birds.

When I’m waiting for a ride at Tae Kwon Do.  Angry Birds.

When I’m pretending to do home work.  Angry Birds.

I won’t go into the disgusting details of the additional “when and where” I find myself spending time playing Angry Birds on my android phone, or my ipod touch.  Let’s just say, it’s “private time”.

I know I’m not alone.

Many, many, many people around the world are fellow Angry Birds Addicts.

I’d like to hear your story.  When do you play Angry Birds?

My first video game

I’ve been playing video games since I can remember.

…of course, the first games were always those stupid “learning games”, but at least I got to play!

To be honest, I can’t remember the name of the first video game I played.

Like all young kids, I was fascinated by computers, electronics and games.  And, I didn’t know that the video games my parents put in front of me tricked me into learning how to spell, or how to read, or learn logical thinking, yadda yadda.

I do know, however, that I had fun.

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